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Kaleidoscope has been offering fine art classes to Barrington and surrounding communities since 1986. Kaleidoscope seeks to maintain quality instruction in an inspiring, encouraging, comfortable, yet structured envirionment. Class size is kept small in order to give students individual attention and the opportunity to learn at their own abililty and pace. Classes are usually an hour to an hour and a half and meet once a week for 6 week sessions Summertime offers week long art camp options.

View classes and Register Online at:

Art parties at Kaleidoscope are a wonderful way for you to share your love of art class with a handful of your close, personal friends.

In the past, parties have attempted to mimic other large-scale party venues, but we have come to recognize that these massive events do not reflect the quality and personal attention that we strive for in the atmosphere of Kaleidoscope’s classes. Party costs are $25 per person with a minimum of 6 and max of 12.

Kaleidoscope offers Private lessons for students who want more individual attention or for whom the regularly scheduled classes aren't convenient. Private lesson rates start at $50 per person. Private Lesson forms with lesson types and rates are available on our website at

Email me if you'd like to schedule a time for private lessons or have specific questions.

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Alayne Faith McNulty

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