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This gallery is filled with some of my teacher's samples from years of teaching children's art. This will give you an indication of what lessons I've taught and what quality you can expect from my future lessons. If you are interested in purchasing any of my teacher's samples you may walk in a peruse a collection at $25 each. Dimensions are commonly 16 X 20, but may vary slightly. Art was generated by teaching classrooms of children and may contain slight imperfections and are sold as is with no refunds as they are considered discounted sale items. No child's artwork will be available for sale, teacher's samples only.

I do commissions at $40/hour. So, if you're interested in a portrait or mural or painted furniture or any painted lettering, contact me with your request.

Teacher's Sample Gallery

Examples of Art Instruction for Grades 1-5

Alayne Faith McNulty

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